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Summer 2015 (Digital Only)



  • Diary of a Knitter: how to make a dress from naturally hand-dyed Italian sourced wool and my knitting tools right by my side!
  • Dyeing Patterns with Spices and Handcarved Wooden Stamps: continuity and design in a traditional Community of Dyers
  • Reclaiming Beach Finds: the poetic journey of a British artist
  • The Community-engaged Streetware Label: how keeping it small-scalp can be more rewarding than aiming big
  • Eco-minded Transformations: the extraordinary journey from the scrapyard to elegant fashion collection of Nyom Roma
  • Beyond Recycling: creativity, emotional sustainability and the life cycle of products. Lessons from Ciclus by Tati Guimarães
  • Drying Food, What a Beauty: Tips and suggestions from the Culture and Botanical Art Association
  • Kitchen Table: preparing Romanesco artichokes and potatoes in the home cooking tradition
  • The Garden Stories: witnessing the Solstice from the vegetable plot
  • Snapshots of Spring: chrono story of a month told by a nut, a quince, a lilac
  • Wild Herbs in Messapian country
  • Review of Feltrosa Event

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