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No Serial Number FAQs

Can I still buy the digital edition of No Serial Number Magazine?

Yes. Simply click here to subscribe or buy single copies through Magzter. You can read No Serial Number Magazine on iPad, iPhone and Android devices. 


Do you have your magazine in any other languages? 

Yes. There is an Italian edition of the magazine that is released twice a year. You can purchase a copy here.


How sustainable is the print version of the magazine?

No Serial Number Magazine is printed at our local university (UEL Print Centre), which holds ISO14001 certification (this certification maps out the framework for an effective environmental management system). No Serial Magazine magazine is printed on Cyclus paper, which is produced from 100% recycled fibres. The Print Centre uses SITA recycling for all offcuts of paper recycling and ERECO for all used toner/ink waste. The magazine is printed using XEROX which is looking for ways to minimise the environmental impact of their products.

We also acknowledge however that this is only a beginning and that we need to continue our search for sustainable alternatives, keep an open mind and work together. Your feedback and input concerning all aspects of the magazine are therefore much appreciated. 


How much is the magazine in other currencies?

When you click on the “Buy Now” button (before you commit to a purchase) on the subscribe page of our website, Paypal should automatically convert the price of the magazine in your currency. 

If this does not happen, you can convert the price using

We are planning to change the website in the future so that you'll have the option to see all prices automatically converted into your currency. 


Do you still offer the free digital edition?

The free digital edition was only a time limited offer. When we set a price for the magazine, one of our main concerns was to keep the price of the magazine as low as possible. However, we also need to be realistic and take into consideration that the research, admin, editing, proofreading, translating, website maintenance, photography and graphic design have costs which we need to cover. We operate as a social enterprise so any profits (if any) will be always reinvested in the eco-creative community or donated to worthwhile environmental causes.

We do offer however a limited number of free advertising spaces to eco-conscious artisans on each issue magazine. There are limited spaces in each issue so if you'd like to take advantage of this service please email [email protected]