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Autumn 2015 (Digital Only)



  • Paper Craft and Recycling for an Eco-sustainable Form of Art
  • Connecting with the Countryside: Two Days of Plant Identification and Eco Printing (List of Plants Included)
  • Natural Processes and Contemporary Aesthetics with Alice Fox: Challenging Commonplace Ideas of Sustainability in Textile Design
  • Eco Haute Couture: Experimenting with Materials to Create Quality Fashion that Lasts
  • The Eco-friendly Wedding with Natural Textiles
  • Behind the Scene of Fast Fashion: Interview with Andrew Morgan on the Making of the True Cost
  • Home Decor: How to Furnish Your House with a Thread of Memories
  • Kerala Cooking School: Ethakka Masala
  • Savvy Farmers of the Internet Age: the Journey of Erbacce e Dintorni (Weeds and their Surroundings) from Facebook Group to Event
  • On the Trail of a Cup of Tea: Chronicles of My Indian Travel
  • Swap Your Clothes, Save the World


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